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Why LittleBird's Access Control System is Right For Your Property

In the ever-evolving world of multifamily properties, the pressure to find solutions that enhance security, offer greater convenience, and improve resident engagement and retention is at an all-time high. 

This is where LittleBird's all-in-one proptech solution emerges as a game-changer, offering an innovative solution tailored to the unique needs of modern multifamily properties.

Evolution of Access Control Systems in Multifamily Properties

Before the age of technology, multifamily properties solely relied on conventional access control systems which consisted of a lock and key. While intuitive, the security wasn’t as robust as it is today and presented several challenges including… 

  • Lost keys
  • Unauthorized key duplication
  • Difficulties in managing access for multiple residents 

To eliminate these common issues, modern access control systems provide a more efficient solution for managing access by combining access control components – like keyless entry readers and video intercoms – to create a seamless and secure entry experience.

The Pitfalls of Rushed Access Control Integration

In the rush to offer swift access control solutions for properties, many access control providers have hastily assembled platforms by integrating with multiple companies. The initial allure of this approach seems promising – a conglomeration of renowned entities culminating in one or two comprehensive platforms. 

Unfortunately, the realization eventually hits residents and property managers that such integrations can trigger a domino effect of issues.

  • Brittle Integration Ecosystem: These platforms, although seemingly robust, often turn out to be fragile. The multitude of integrations they entail makes them susceptible to disruptions.
  • Unhappy Residents: The ramifications of this fragility materialize when the integrations start to falter. The result? Residents are left frustrated, encountering difficulties in accessing their properties.
  • Compromised Communication: The ensuing chaos prompts individuals to turn to their service providers for solutions. However, the complex web of integrations complicates matters. Engaging with multiple entities leads to communication breakdowns, causing confusion and even finger-pointing among the involved parties.
  • Sluggish Resolution Process: The fractured lines of communication and the intricate interplay between different components elongate the time required to address the issues. As a result, problem resolution becomes a sluggish and convoluted process. 

The eagerness to swiftly address access control needs through pieced-together integrations reveals a flawed approach, highlighting the importance of a more meticulous and comprehensive integration process.

A Holistic Proptech Approach for Multifamily Communities

LittleBird sets itself apart by adopting a distinct strategy that streamlines the entire process, offering a unified platform to address access control, smart home, and resident engagement needs of multifamily communities. 

Manager portal and littlebird app mockup  (1)

This seamless approach eliminates the need for intricate integrations, culminating in an experience that minimizes potential failure points. 

The result? 

A robust and dependable system.

Engineering Access Control for the Real World

LittleBird's hardware is meticulously crafted with an emphasis on security and longevity.

Employing cutting-edge technology, the access control system stands as a fortress against unauthorized entry and potential breaches.

Through rigorous testing, each hardware component is subjected to ensure its resilience and capacity to withstand the rigors of wear and tear over extended periods.

Installers to property managers can confidently rely on the system's stability and resilience, leading to reduced downtime and maintenance obligations.

LittleBird also has an unwavering dedication to security and durability and empowers multifamily properties to cultivate a secure and efficient living environment for their residents.

By choosing LittleBird, properties can confidently embrace a future where access control is not just a functional necessity but a cornerstone of a thriving community.

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LittleBird's 9 Key Feature Areas

Beyond access control and hardware, LittleBird’s comprehensive platform which includes both the LittleBird mobile app and the management portal offers unmatched convenience and control in 9 key areas. 

  • Guest Management: Empower residents by giving them the control to set guest access schedules to their unit and community for their friends and family (or even the dog walker).
  • Visitor Management: Effortlessly manage visitor access and tracking for improved security. With LittleBird's system, property managers can keep a log of visitors, enhancing safety protocols and ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access to the property.
  • Resident Access: Manage resident access to different areas within multifamily properties, including building entrances, amenities, parking lots, and common spaces, to provide residents with a secure and convenient system while preventing unauthorized entry from outsiders.
  • Resident Engagement: Foster community engagement and communication through the resident app, facilitating resident events, updates, discussion boards, and exclusive deals from local businesses. LittleBird's app encourages residents to build a connection to their home, neighbors, and overall community, creating a sense of belonging. 
  • Self-Monitored Security: Enable residents to keep a vigilant eye on their property through the LittleBird mobile app. The ability to monitor their surroundings from their mobile devices grants residents additional peace of mind. 
  • Smart Home Automation: Integrate smart home devices and systems for enhanced comfort and energy efficiency. With LittleBird's system, residents can control lighting, temperature, and other home automation features, contributing to a greener and more cost-effective living environment.
  • Vacant Unit Optimization: Optimize vacant unit showings and access for potential tenants. LittleBird streamlines the process of showcasing vacant units, making it easier for property managers to attract potential tenants while keeping the property secure.
  • Wireless IoT Network: Establish a secure and reliable wireless network for IoT devices throughout the property. This network infrastructure supports various Internet of Things (IoT) devices, enhancing the property's overall technological capabilities and providing new opportunities for residents.
  • Self-Guided Tours:  Enable prospective residents to independently tour vacant units. These tours grant flexibility, allowing potential renters to explore the property at their preferred time, bypassing the need for a leasing agent or manager to accompany them.


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LittleBird's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction continues to make it the right choice for any property seeking to elevate its access control, smart home experience, and resident retention. By choosing LittleBird, property owners and managers can embrace the future of multifamily living and provide their residents with the security, convenience, and amenities they deserve.

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