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LittleBird's Smart Home Controller

LittleBird is all about connection. We connect residents to their homes, properties to their local neighborhoods, and most importantly, we connect smart devices to one another to create a seamless smart ecosystem. The Smart Home resident experience from LittleBird features an array of smart devices such as smart lights, smart locks, smart sensors, and even smart thermostats. With all these devices, it can be a challenge to make sure they are all working together flawlessly. That’s where the Smart Home Controller comes in. 

LittleBird’s Smart Home Controller works with the resident mobile app to connect smart devices in a unit. When residents configure their smart devices from the app, that signal is transmitted to the hub, which in turn controls the devices. Designed to be secure and reliable, the controller comes in two versions: cellular and non-cellular. These options allow properties to choose whether a cell network connection or hard-wired local network connection is the right fit for their residents.

Smart Home Controllers are also built to be hack-resistant. They are manufactured in the United States with a professional-grade security panel, rather than common computer technology. LittleBird believes that resident safety is crucial to creating a welcoming and desirable home environment, so all LittleBird products are designed to protect resident information and privacy. 

Home automation is becoming more prevalent, and property owners have a responsibility to their residents to provide the best smart devices on the market. LittleBird wants to bring our signature connection to properties everywhere, and it starts with reliable and sophisticated technology. Check out the Smart Home Controller to upgrade your resident experience today!