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Introducing the LittleBird Video Intercom

Apartment intercoms just got smarter

The new standard in access control technology is here. LittleBird is a leader in the world of multifamily smart technology, and the new video intercom cements the company as one of the most reliable and advanced in the industry. The LittleBird Video Intercom helps residents take back control with keyless entry and controlled guest access. It features smartphone credentials, guest management, and visitor video communication for ultimate user convenience and safety. 

The LittleBird access control system is the new standard for smart apartment entry systems. Its one-way video feature ensures resident privacy no matter who is at the gate, which sets this video intercom apart from others in the industry. Another unique characteristic is its connection to the LittleBird mobile app. Residents of LittleBird-enhanced properties can control and access their video intercoms right from their phones -- without ever having to leave the apartment! LittleBird prioritizes the security and comfort of its users, and with the new video intercom, the bar for quality resident experience is higher than ever. 

As the multifamily industry integrates technology into every aspect of resident life, no property is complete without the LittleBird Video Intercom. A sleek and elegant design brings a modern and future-ready atmosphere to any property. Intuitive programming makes access control systems easy to use, and they are a much more sophisticated alternative to traditional telephone entry systems. The LittleBird Video Intercom is a must-have for properties ready to embrace the wonders of smart technology. Welcome to the new standard in multifamily access control.