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LittleBird's Culture

LittleBird is all about connection, and it influences every aspect of our company’s operations. At LittleBird, we practice what we preach, and our connections start internally. We have created a powerful and positive culture that helps our employees achieve success and improves our relationships with our partners. 

The five values that define LittleBird’s culture are resolve, helpfulness, thoughtfulness, ingenuity, and flexibility. Through these traits, we prioritize an approach to business and connections that are authentic and lasting. Companies and properties who work with us find LittleBird to be a team player and a conscientious partner committed to the customer. 

The team at LittleBird is united by their passion for connection and drive to do their best every day. Even during an uncertain year, our employees have stayed connected virtually. Slack communication through channels like LittleBird Fit and Raves lets people post what they are excited about or their new fitness routine, and others can comment and interact as a virtual community. This gives our team insights into one another’s lives and keeps everyone in touch while we work remotely. LittleBird also started a virtual weekly hangout meeting at the end of each Friday. Employees who attend can catch up, share their best moments from the week, and talk about anything other than work. These opportunities keep us connected and engaged with each other and the company.

LittleBird understands the value of connection in its everyday operations, not just the products it creates. This emphasis on connection even at a micro level has produced a powerful team and a unique company culture. Team Stage says that having highly engaged employees can increase productivity and performance by over 200%, and LittleBird’s growing success can be directly attributed to the prioritization of connection. We hope to continue championing connectivity and community for residential communities across the nation.