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LittleBird's Success at ISC West

LittleBird recently attended the ISC West trade show, an exhibition of security technology held July 19-22 in Las Vegas, Nevada. As one of the first trade shows since the Covid-19 pandemic, it was well attended by technology companies, resellers, and installers who focus on residential and commercial access control systems. They came hoping to connect with potential partners and new technology, and many installers found that connection with LittleBird. 

LittleBird’s driving force is connection, and this focus is evident in every piece of technology we produce. At the ISC West trade show, LittleBird unveiled a new product that will soon hit the market and change the game for access technology: the Gen 3 Video Intercom. This powerful and elegant model represents a new level of connectivity between LittleBird, communities, residents, and installers. At a trade show where connection was key, our video intercom displays and interactive demos were an immediate success with integrators who recognized the potential of our access control technology to unify communities under a single standard for security. 

LittleBird’s presence at the trade show was magnetic. The booth was a popular, eye-catching attraction, and floods of visitors were drawn to our bright atmosphere and sophisticated technology. As our team performed demonstration after demonstration for impressed attendees, it became clear that this product was a durable, practical, and modern piece of technology that will revolutionize the standard of access control for communities.

LittleBird is continuing to grow, making a name for itself in the competitive market of residential technology, and our focus on connection is only getting stronger. At the show, we had the opportunity to forge and fortify important connections between our team, reminding us of the importance of the work we do every day. The LittleBird team was able to interact in person for the first time in almost a year, and our time at the show was invaluable to creating the kind of connection we strive to bring to communities. Attendees at the show noted the camaraderie between our team members, making our bonds a testimony in themselves to the strength and effectiveness of LittleBird technology. 

We are excited to present our smart technology and the forthcoming Gen 3 Video Intercom at future trade shows.

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