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The Top 8 Elevator Companies You Should Know

Elevators have revolutionized the way we navigate our urban landscapes, enabling effortless vertical mobility within buildings of all sizes. 

Whether you're embarking on a new construction project or seeking to upgrade existing elevator systems, the importance of selecting the right elevator company cannot be overstated. So if you’re searching for elevators that ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability for your unique project, we’re here to help you access your options.

On top of highlighting the top 8 elevator companies, this article will explore the importance of elevator access control solutions and how LittleBird can provide the perfect fit for your project. 

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1. Otis Elevator Company

Otis is a household name in the elevator industry, with a legacy dating back to the 19th century.  They offer a wide range of elevator solutions, including high-speed, energy-efficient elevators, and innovative technologies like the Gen2® system. Otis elevators are known for their reliability and safety features, making them a top choice for many building owners.


2. Schindler Elevator Corporation

Schindler is another industry leader, providing cutting-edge elevators and escalators. Their products focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, helping buildings reduce their carbon footprint. Schindler offers tailored solutions for various building types, from residential to commercial and industrial.


3. Thyssenkrupp Elevator

Thyssenkrupp is known for its advanced elevator technology, including the MULTI system, which features multiple cabins in a single shaft, revolutionizing the way elevators operate in high-rise buildings. They prioritize sustainability, offering eco-friendly elevator solutions.


4. KONE Corporation

KONE is a global player in the elevator and escalator industry, with a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Their products are designed with a focus on safety, reliability, and sustainability. KONE offers a range of solutions, from standard elevators to custom designs.


5. Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is renowned for its high-speed and high-capacity elevators that provide efficient vertical transportation in tall buildings. They offer advanced control systems and modern designs, making them a preferred choice for many skyscrapers worldwide.


6. Fujitec

Fujitec specializes in elevator and escalator solutions, with a strong focus on technological advancements. They offer customized elevators to match a building's aesthetics while ensuring smooth and safe operation.


7. Savaria Corporation

Savaria is a leading manufacturer of accessibility solutions, including home elevators, wheelchair lifts, and commercial elevators. They prioritize accessibility and inclusivity, making them an excellent choice for buildings aiming to provide equal access to all.


8. Access Elevator & Lifts

Access Elevator & Lifts specializes in residential and commercial accessibility solutions, including elevators, stairlifts, and dumbwaiters. They have a strong emphasis on customer service and customization, ensuring that every elevator solution suits the client's needs.


Elevator Access Control: Ensuring Security and Efficiency

Elevator access control is a critical component of modern building security and operational efficiency. By implementing advanced access control systems, property managers can achieve several essential goals:

  1. Enhanced security: Elevator access control systems restrict elevator usage to authorized personnel only, preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing sensitive areas within a building. This is crucial for maintaining the safety and privacy of occupants and protecting valuable assets.
  2. Improved efficiency: Access control systems can streamline building operations by providing customizable access schedules. For example, building staff may have unrestricted access during business hours, while after-hours access is limited to a select few. Benefits from this approach include reduced energy costs and wear and tear on elevators.
  3. Customizable access levels: Elevator access control systems can assign different access levels to individuals or groups, allowing for fine-grained control over who can access specific floors or areas within a building. This is particularly useful in mixed-use buildings or facilities with multiple tenants.
  4. Audit trails: Access control systems maintain detailed audit trails, allowing property managers to track who accessed the elevators and when. This information is invaluable for security investigations and compliance purposes.
  5. Integration with other systems: Elevator access control can be seamlessly integrated with other building systems, such as video surveillance and building automation, for a comprehensive approach to security and management

Why Choose LittleBird as Your Proptech Solution?

LittleBird is your all-in-one proptech solution for elevator access control and beyond. We understand the unique challenges faced by property managers, building owners, and developers in today's dynamic real estate landscape. Here's why LittleBird might be the right fit for your project:

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  1. Comprehensive Solutions: LittleBird offers a suite of proptech solutions that encompass access control, visitor management, building automation, and more. We provide a holistic approach to property management, ensuring all your needs are met under one roof.
  2. Tailored to Your Needs: We understand that each property is unique, and our solutions are flexible to suit your specific access control requirements.
  3. Cutting-Edge Technology:  LittleBird leverages the latest technological advancements, including cloud-based systems, mobile access control, and data analytics, to provide you with the most advanced and user-friendly solutions.
  4. Expert Support: Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping you implement and optimize our solutions. We provide training, ongoing support, and maintenance to ensure your system operates smoothly.
  5. Scalability: As your property portfolio grows, LittleBird can grow with you. Our solutions are scalable, making it easy to add new properties and users as your business expands.


Final thoughts…

Selecting the right elevator company and implementing effective elevator access control are key decisions for property managers and building owners. The top elevator companies listed in this article offer a range of solutions to meet various needs, ensuring safe and efficient vertical transportation. Elevator access control, provided by LittleBird's proptech solution, enhances security and operational efficiency within your building. 

For a seamless and technologically advanced approach to property management, consider reaching out to our team.

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