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Why QR Codes are All the Rage

Smart technology is all about convenience, and it doesn’t get more convenient than pointing your phone at a code to get information or access. QR codes are a type of barcode label that, once scanned, link a device to the information attached. Modern properties are starting to integrate QR codes into resident life in all sorts of ways: digital communication, access points, and more.

Residents have come to expect the convenience of modern tech in the place they call home, and saying yes to an easier experience makes it easier for them to say yes to a community. 

Property Communication 

Using QR codes in residential communities opens a whole new world of communication with residents. Properties never again have to deal with the hassle of distributing flyers when their residents can simply scan a code to pull up all the information they need. Link the code to a website, form, or digital brochure to give them all the details right on their smart device. 

LittleBird makes it especially easy to keep all resident communication in one place. Linking QR codes to the mobile LittleBird Resident App will ensure that important events and announcements never go ignored. Residents who want to stay involved in their community will appreciate the convenience and accessibility of QR codes, especially because they show how much the property values communication. 

Access Control 

QR code access control is making entry systems simpler and safer with instant, no-contact technology. Instead of punching in a code or touching a fob to an access reader, residents can pull up a QR code on their LittleBird mobile app and gain instant access to the LittleBird Video Intercom. Not only is it quick and easy, but it can also put residents’ minds at ease when interacting with frequently-used technology. 

Properties are growing increasingly vigilant about minimizing contact, especially with smart devices used by the whole property and guests. LittleBird makes it easy to maintain resident safety and peace of mind with QR codes - a simple solution to a complex problem. 

QR codes are becoming a popular method for seamless communication and smart safety options, and our smart technology solutions have integrated tech that residents can rely on. Residents want to know that a property has their best interests in mind, and LittleBird provides all the right tools for maintaining that relationship. LittleBird wants to bring convenience and safety back to the resident experience, one scan at a time.