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3 Reasons Why Your Property Needs LittleBird

The multifamily industry is evolving, and some companies have struggled to meet the ever-changing needs of modern residents. LittleBird, however, is quickly becoming one of the most trusted companies for multifamily resident experience technology, because it creates direct solutions to problems in multifamily living. Properties that upgrade with LittleBird technology find that common concerns such as security, unit management, and fostering community become a thing of the past. 


Resident safety should be the top priority for managers and property owners. That can be difficult, however, when residents forget their keys, let strangers in behind them, or give out the gate codes to a revolving door of guests. Multifamily properties need a cohesive solution to the issue of security, and they need to look no further than LittleBird Smart Access technology. Smart Access provides properties with access readers and video intercom systems that feature mobile credentials and guest and visitor management, making property security easier than ever. With LittleBird’s robust and flexible access control system, residents can choose between fobs, codes, smartphone credentials, or traditional keys. They can also schedule access for visitors using the LittleBird mobile resident app and revoke access when it’s no longer needed. The video intercom system is an innovative alternative to traditional telephone entry systems. Its one-way video feature allows residents to see who is at the gate or door without leaving the apartment or compromising their privacy. All activity - whether residents or guests - can be monitored and controlled by property managers using the manager portal. Say goodbye to property security concerns and say hello to smart access. 

Unit Management

As properties continue to grow, it can be challenging to keep up with unit maintenance, and sometimes property managers need a little help. That’s where LittleBird comes in. LittleBird’s manager portal works with our Smart Home technology to provide complete control over units, both vacant and occupied. Devices like smart lights, smart locks, smart thermostats, and smart sensors help apartments operate at optimal levels whether residents are present, on vacation, or just moved out. Smart sensors also ensure that security is maintained when units are vacant, and the manager portal gives property administrators access to all apartment data. Managing maintenance requests becomes easier with LittleBird too, since residents can submit work orders from their resident app. These requests go straight to the manager portal, providing the convenient experience all property managers deserve. 


Multifamily living creates a unique opportunity for community connection, but that potential can be difficult to harness. LittleBird’s Smart Community features makes it easy to turn properties into neighborhoods and help residents feel like they belong. One of the reasons property managers find it challenging to connect their communities is that they don’t know how to reach them. Flyers get discarded, emails are ignored, and events often fly under the radar. Smart Community makes all these challenges obsolete. From the manager portal to the resident app, communication between people on properties is simple, fast, and efficient. When residents feel like they’re a part of the community, they want to stay in that community. Everyone can be in the know and get involved in the community with just a glance at their mobile app, and this makes the LittleBird resident experience a unique opportunity for the entire property.