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Spotlight Feature: Paid Events

LittleBird’s smart technology is designed to create the best experience for residents and property owners alike. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Smart Community feature: Paid Events! The paid events feature will allow property owners to collect and manage event fees from the manager portal, opening a world of possibilities for community events that bring the whole property together. 

How it works

Paid events are located in the Smart Community sections of the LittleBird web portal and the LittleBird mobile app. In the manager portal, the property staff can post event information such as time, date, location, and details, just like before. But now, there’s a new option to add a fee for the event. Managers have complete control over event pricing, refund dates, and cancellation logistics, so property events are entirely your own! 

In the LittleBird mobile app, residents can view which events are free and which have a fee. Once they have connected a form of payment to their app, it only takes a few clicks to register and pay for an exciting community event. Paid events have the capacity to bring more elaborate events to residential properties because the property isn’t paying for them out of pocket. Instead, residents are actively contributing to the activities in their community, and that helps them feel like they’re home. 

LittleBird is excited to share our latest Smart Community feature with properties across the country. We hope paid events bring thrilling new opportunities to LittleBird managers and residents, and we can’t wait to hear about what you host!

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