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Introducing the LittleBird Mobile App & Manager Portal

Resident Mobile App

Residents of LittleBird properties can use the app to manage everything with just the tap of a button. Smart Access features help residents control guest and visitor access, as well as their smartphone credentials to get through access readers at gates and doors. Smart Home aspects of the LittleBird mobile app help residents monitor their smart devices’ battery levels and alerts, like sensor notifications or smart lock status. Smart Community features to give residents an efficient way to engage with each other and their property. Everything from submitting maintenance requests to RSVPing for events is easy with the LittleBird resident app.

Property Manager Portal 

Property administrators can experience the same convenience and control with the manager portal. The portal helps managers keep track of residents, their guests, and all activity in and out of the property. They can also post announcements and event information, and interact with residents via discussion board posts. LittleBird provides technical guides and support for managers experiencing difficulty navigating the portal, and our support team is standing by to help with any technical issues. Administrative tasks become easier than ever with the manager portal because LittleBird is dedicated to improving connections in multifamily properties. 

With these tools, LittleBird ensures a seamless and supported experience with all LittleBird technology. Residency has never been more convenient and managing has never been more efficient, thanks to LittleBird.