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Why Culture is Important for Multifamily Communities

Every residence, no matter how temporary, should feel like home. Multifamily properties are uniquely positioned to create a community out of a complex, because their residents want to make their new apartment feel like somewhere they belong. One of the easiest ways to do that is by being a part of the complex’s culture, making culture one of the most essential amenities at any property. 

Why culture matters

Culture refers to the collective customs and lifestyles of a group of people. It is a uniting force, one that brings residents together no matter what their background and creates a sense of community that increases satisfaction in a home. Creating a property culture hinges on determining what values and beliefs define the living space. Respect, patience, inclusiveness, and empathy are some of the traits that residents value in a community and make them want to live there. Once those defining traits have been identified, the property administrators and staff must integrate those values into everyday life. Treat residents and guests with respect. Demonstrate patience and care through the resources you provide. Make inclusiveness an integral part of the property through a welcoming environment and community events that unite everyone. 

Smart Community

Smart Community is a facet of LittleBird technology that makes all these goals a reality. It turns strangers into neighbors and helps everyone, not just residents, connect with the property, making people want to stay longer. Smart Community allows property managers to create and advertise events easily so residents get involved. They can keep everyone informed with the announcements feature, and make sure the local community isn’t neglected with local offers. Resident communication has never been easier, with the resident app and the manager portal working together seamlessly to provide the culture and communication that every community needs.