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A Day in the Life as a LittleBird Resident

Maria has lived in a LittleBird community for a few months, and her favorite part about her new home is the technology that makes her life easier. Every smart device on the property and in her unit is controlled by the resident app, so all she needs is her phone.


When Maria wakes up, her apartment is set to the perfect temperature and the lights come on automatically at 7:30, thanks to the schedule she set in her app. She has a busy day ahead of her, so she doesn’t have time to deal with the faucet she notices is dripping. Whipping out her phone, Maria submits a maintenance request in seconds and heads out the door. As she gets in her car, Maria can’t remember if she locked her front door. A glance at the resident app shows her that it’s locked, and while she’s thinking about it, she turns on the motion sensors in her unit with just a tap. 


Noon rolls around, and Maria is halfway through her errands across town when she gets a notification that she has a visitor at the front gate of her complex. Accessing the video intercom on her phone, Maria sees a delivery truck bringing the package she ordered, and she tells the delivery driver how to get to her unit. The video intercom allows her to open the gate from her phone, and the one-way video call makes sure the delivery driver can’t tell she’s out of the apartment, just for safety. 


Finally, it’s time to head home. Maria opens the front gate with ease using her mobile app, waving to a neighbor at the side gate who uses a fob to get past the access readers. Maria feels much safer at this property than at her old one since it obviously takes resident security very seriously. As she walks up the stairs, Maria unlocks her front door and turns on the lights in her apartment. Just then, she notices a small cat outside her building. When she gets inside, Maria finds the Smart Community section of the app and posts on the discussion board that someone’s cat is outside. A grateful neighbor immediately responds. 

While looking at Smart Community, Maria sees an upcoming event on the schedule: movie night! She RSVPs right on the app and adds it to her calendar, taking note of the additional information her property manager posted about it. Checking the app’s Local Offers page shows her a new restaurant is opening just across the street - and residents of her property get a special discount! Dinner for tomorrow night goes on the calendar too. After such a full day, Maria can’t wait to relax in her apartment, enjoying a home that’s safe, secure, and most of all, smart.