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How to Promote Property Events

Get Creative 

Nothing holds residents’ attention less than flyers and handouts. Event promotion is all about grabbing attention and making residents feel like they have to be a part of something. If your event has a theme, roll with it. Plaster that theme around the property (or maybe just in building lobbies). If there will be food, games, or music, make sure your residents know exactly what kind of fun is in store for them. The more interesting the event, the more creative the promotion can be.

And don’t forget about social media! If your property has an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account, post fun content like unique pictures, skit videos, or witty reminders. Not only will residents enjoy the lighthearted and creative content, but they will also be more likely to attend the event. 

Be Consistent

Try to post event information all in one place, for resident convenience and maximum exposure. Even if your property has multiple social media accounts (see above), there should still be a single, centralized hub for residents to check event details. This will eliminate confusion, lack of communication, and disinterest. No matter how else you promote an event, residents will know where to find the details.

LittleBird’s mobile app has a Smart Community feature that can help properties be consistent in their event promotion. Property managers can post events using the online manager portal, which is then visible to residents on the Events page of the app. All event info, from time and date to what to bring, can be found in a single, convenient location. 

Create Community 

Good events take a lot of planning, but great events take the whole community. Going above and beyond for your residents will mean that the promotion is easy - you’ve already got a killer event that gets everyone involved. LittleBird gives property managers the tools they need for planning and promoting events that bring everyone together. With features like Vendors, Paid Events, and Local Offers available in the online manager portal, properties can connect with their local neighborhoods to create exciting events for the whole community.