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How to Prevent Package Theft in Apartments

In the digital age, the convenience of online shopping has skyrocketed, leading to an influx of packages being delivered right to our doorsteps.

However, with this convenience comes a growing concern for the multifamily industry: package theft.  

And how significant is this issue? A recent study reported that a whopping 64% of Americans were a victim of porch piracy in 2022.

Whether you're a resident eager to safeguard your deliveries or property management looking to instill confidence in your tenants, understanding and addressing this issue is crucial.

What is Package Theft?

Package theft, simply put, refers to the act of someone taking a package that doesn't belong to them, often right off someone's doorstep. These thieves, commonly referred to as "porch pirates", are opportunists who prey on the vulnerability of unattended packages.

Package theft caught on video doorbell

The Rise of Porch Pirates

Who are they? Porch pirates are individuals or groups who specialize in stealing packages from unsuspecting recipients. They often follow delivery trucks, swooping in to steal packages minutes after they're dropped off.

How common is package theft? According to recent statistics, about 8 out of 10 Americans have fallen victim to porch pirates. Shoppers are especially at risk during the holiday season with the surge in e-commerce.


Ways to Prevent Package Theft in Apartments

Knowing the threat that porch pirates pose, it's crucial to proactively implement measures to mitigate the risk. It's not enough to merely be aware of the issue; taking practical steps can make all the difference between being a victim and receiving your package safely. 

Below are some proven strategies that residents and property managers can employ to better safeguard their deliveries and deter potential thieves.

  • Scheduled Deliveries: Whenever possible, schedule your deliveries for a time you'll be home. Many carriers allow recipients to pick a delivery window.
  • Require a Signature:  This ensures that the package will only be handed over if someone is there to sign for it.
  • Use a Delivery Locker:  Several companies now offer lockers where your packages can be securely stored until you pick them up. 
  • Inform Neighbors:  If you’re expecting a package and won’t be home, letting a trustworthy neighbor know can be helpful. They might keep an eye out for the delivery and even hold onto it for you.
  • Install Security Cameras:  Even a visible dummy camera can act as a deterrent. For those who want real-time monitoring, many affordable security cameras notify residents when there’s movement at their door. (Be sure to check with your property management before installing any recording devices outside your unit. )


LittleBird: A Solution for the Multifamily Community

One of the most effective ways to combat package theft in apartments is through package rooms, like the one offered by LittleBird.

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How does LittleBird work?

  • Security: LittleBird's package room provides a secure location within the apartment complex where all deliveries can be kept until residents retrieve them.
  • Notifications: Residents receive automatic notifications when they have a package waiting, ensuring they’re always in the loop.
  • Access Control: Only residents and authorized personnel can access the package room, offering an extra layer of security.

By integrating LittleBird into the multifamily community, property management can ensure a robust system that deters porch pirates and offers peace of mind to residents.

Educate Residents About the Risk of Stolen Packages

It's essential for property management to communicate with their residents about the issue of package theft. 

Regularly update them with:

  • Theft Alerts: If there’s been a rise in package theft incidents, send out a notice to your tenants to be extra vigilant.
  • Prevention Tips:  Share the above prevention methods with your residents to help them take active steps to secure their deliveries.
  • Introduce Solutions:  If your community decides to invest in a solution like LittleBird, ensure that every tenant knows how it works and the benefits it brings.



Package theft is a prevalent concern, especially in apartment communities. But with knowledge, proactive measures, and solutions like LittleBird, both residents and property management can significantly reduce the risk of falling prey to porch pirates. Embrace these strategies to ensure that every package reaches its rightful owner, maintaining trust and security within the multifamily community.