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Video vs. Virtual Intercoms: What's Best For Your Property

LittleBird keeps its eyes and ears open for the latest advancements and shifts in the residential community market so we can best adapt to the needs of our properties. One of the greatest areas of interest in the current market is smart access technology. While video intercom entry systems are among the most popular access technology, with LittleBird’s Gen 3 Video Intercoms leading the way, some companies still focus on alternatives to the video or voice intercom. Entry systems are a competitive niche, and those companies seek to differentiate themselves with a product that’s new and unique, even if it’s not better. We’re here to break down one of these alternatives and help you decide whether a video intercom system is still right for your property. 

One noteworthy “alternative” to traditional systems is virtual intercoms. This technology is completely wireless, relying on apps and the internet rather than a physical piece of equipment. The idea is to reduce costs and waste, which some companies believe physical intercoms produce. Some systems use a QR code posted at the door or gate, for guests to scan and access a virtual directory. Residents can answer “gate calls” and open doors for themselves or guests from their phones, which no one can deny is convenient. But doesn’t it sound familiar? The LittleBird mobile app provides a similar function, giving residents the freedom to manage their visitors anytime and anywhere. And for visitors without smartphones or the required tech-savviness, video intercoms are the perfect blend of intuitive and easy-to-use while still being modern. We also think the benefit of hardware over a solely-virtual platform is an added measure of security. With wireless and hardwired options for the LittleBird video intercoms, the safety of the equipment is reinforced and designed to be hack-proof. To us, keeping resident information stored only online is a security risk that no property should be willing to take, especially when other options exist that put resident safety first.  

In short, LittleBird’s video intercom system provides the ease and convenience of a virtual intercom while still delivering the most secure experience on the market. Video intercoms are the right choice for any property that values residents' peace of mind.