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LittleBird Expands to Built-To-Rent Communities

LittleBird is a dynamic company that focuses on evolving to meet the needs of the modern market. Current market trends have indicated a sudden interest in single-family, built-to-rent communities, and LittleBird is already adapting its business strategy to incorporate this new direction. The smart home technology that LittleBird specializes in can help single-family rental homes achieve unprecedented success and deliver the ultimate resident experience. 

What is built-to-rent?

The concept of rental communities for single families is not a new one. Traditionally, these homes have been bought and owned by an individual or company, who then rent the house to interested parties. What makes built-to-rent unique is the mass production of these communities by property owners for the specific purpose of renting them, rather than an individual converting a normal house into a rental. 

Single-family built-to-rent communities are rapidly gaining popularity because they are the ideal intersection of permanent living and apartment management. Built-to-rent homes are popular with individuals and families who want the longevity of a home without financial commitment. The demand for such a compromise is growing, and companies, property owners, and developers are all racing to get involved. 

How LittleBird smart technology fits in

LittleBird’s industry-leading smart technology solutions are designed for all types of community living. The company has expanded its market from exclusively multifamily housing to all rental communities, representing an important transition for both the company and the industry. LittleBird will explore new opportunities for its smart technology offerings while continuing to improve its Smart Access, Smart Home, and Smart Community packages. In a single-family rental community, LittleBird’s video intercoms, access readers, smart devices, and smart sensors can operate efficiently and effectively to ensure the ultimate convenience and peace of mind for residents, much the same as in multifamily communities. The company is perfectly positioned to adapt its market and expand its niche to bring smart solutions to all rental communities.