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Featured Product: LittleBird Access Readers

LittleBird’s access control system is one of the most cohesive entry systems in the residential community industry. Complete with video intercoms, access readers, and an app to connect it all, LittleBird is a redefining quality security. Our success comes from our focus on providing properties with a seamless and safe access experience because security shouldn’t be something you sweat.

Let’s take a look at how access control readers are delivering improved safety. 

Access readers are an essential part of any entry control system because they present a modern alternative to traditional access hardware. Keys, fobs, and cards are becoming a thing of the past as access readers pave the way for mobile access. The LittleBird resident app functions as a digital key for residents approaching the gate. They simply hold the NFC reader on their phone up to the access reader and the gate opens. 

LittleBird’s access readers deliver a heightened level of security for residential communities. They eliminate the risk of residents losing their keys or lending fobs to a friend. All access is mobile, and it can even be transferred to residents’ guests.

Residents can feel safer in their community knowing they are protected by state-of-the-art technology, and property owners can experience an access control system with increased convenience and lower maintenance costs.  

LittleBird is proud of its access control system solutions, and we want to help every property deliver safety, security, and peace of mind to its residents. Explore the LittleBird access readers today and enter the modern age of residential security.