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3 Must-Have Amenities For Smart Communities

In the competitive multifamily housing industry, the right amenities can set a property apart and generate interest from potential residents. Keeping an eye on the market and modern real estate trends can help you identify which amenities are likely to be the most valuable additions to your property. Here are the most popular amenities that are attracting residents right now: 

Contactless Technology 

The multifamily industry is adapting to reflect the needs of its residents, and one of their biggest needs right now is contactless technology. The rise of Covid-19 showed us just how important sanitation and caution are, especially when people live close to one another. With so many individuals gathered together in common spaces, communities are looking for smart devices that mitigate the spread of germs, and LittleBird has a solution for them. All LittleBird smart devices are controlled from residents’ smartphones via the mobile app, and property managers have the same level of control using the manager portal. Devices such as light switches, door locks, thermostats, and even property access control systems don’t need to be touched as long as residents have their phones. LittleBird is leading the way toward safe and clean living spaces. 

Outdoor Spaces 

Another element of multifamily living that contributes to group health is the availability of outdoor spaces. Whether they’re helping social distancing or community events, the presence of communal areas like parks, picnic benches, and barbeque is a boon to any property. Residents want to know they have somewhere to gather where sanitation and caution need not be so prominent as an inside room, so property managers who provide such peace of mind will soon witness the gratitude of their residents. Additionally, property attractiveness is becoming even more important in real estate choices, and a plethora of grassy areas will only make your property more desirable. The necessity of outdoor spaces cannot be overlooked, even when Covid-19 precautions no longer factor into multifamily operations. 

Community Wifi

Last but certainly not least of the amenities the modern resident seeks is some form of community wifi. Although residents would likely not forgo their own internet connections and routers, a network across the community or even in designated areas affords peace of mind that residents are willing to pay extra for. Recreation rooms, dining halls, or conference centers are ideal places for community wifi, making your property seem welcoming, community-focused, and above all, modern. The experience residents seek is one where their needs are anticipated, even needs they didn’t know they had, and the addition of this feature will sway any potential tenant still on the fence about your property. 


A quality multifamily property can expect and meet the needs of modern residents, effectively delivering the experience of safety and convenience they’re looking for. Contactless technology, outdoor spaces, and community wifi can help make your property competitive and make your residents feel at home.